About the Author

Rita Bertolli DenverI am in love with the concept of the Strong Feminine…”

This is my personal blog to share my experiences and discoveries as a grow into the roles of mother and wife. I am in love with the concept of the Strong Feminine as it applies to our roles in love, romance, and family life. The feminine principle of a soft, beautiful exterior with a strong inner core continues to amaze me. It’s a practice I continue to strive for in a world that has forgotten the beauty of the abstract feminine and how important it is to happiness for women. I also hope to share some of my day to day learnings, useful things I discover as a mom and the experiences of living with family, key concepts from my books and research, as well as provide resources for the various roles we balance as women.

My Biography

A Colorado native, I hold a BA in Italian and a BFA in Film Studies. I formed my own marketing company in 2006, New Broadcast Media, to leverage my design skills and continue today to create websites and marketing strategies for various small companies. My career life has varied from working at Outward Bound to teaching language classes, to producing KHOW and KBDI radio and television shows.  I’ve been very blessed to experience such a rich variety of learning environments, the most recent being the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado.

In my personal life, I’ve enjoyed applying my unique understandig of political election law to help neighborhoods and communities fight for issues they care about.  I continue to serve as a consultant to neighborhood groups interested in land use, open records research, civil rights, press, and full spectrum petition ballot elections.  I’ve been honored to receive Westword Newspaper’s “Best of Denver” Best Activist Award in 2007 and have been nominated to be among Biltmore’s Who’s Who Among Young Business Women and the Cambridge Who’s Who Among Business and Professional Women.

I live with my family in Denver who to give me daily inspiration. My husband and I dance Tango and Salsa semi-professionally and are passionate about music and culture. I have played the piano for over 20 years, and enjoy composing my own music. In my free time, I find myself drawn more and more to the study of metaphysics and spirituality.