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You do not need any special equipment, just a small amount of space for this exercise–and you’ll be amazed at how well it can tone up your mid and lower abs. The plank exercise was my saving grace after giving birth to my baby.  Even though I had lost most of my pregnancy weight gain […]

Diastasis Recti can be a scary postpartum issue for women.  The right and left walls of the frontal abdominal muscles spread apart at the midline due to a softening of connective tissue during pregnancy and pressure from the uterus on the abdominal wall.   The risk is greater for women who are smaller framed, have weak abdominal muscles, or who […]

Every month postpartum really does bring its own challenges.  In the fourth month for me now, I’m feeling the effects of incredible back strain.  Some of it, yes, is a result of the hyperextension you endure for 10 months while pregnant.  But I think the majority of it is coming from holding a little 13 […]

I came across an amazing article today online about how to save even more money with Amazon–I had NO idea they had an outlet store, did you?  And also an entire area dedicated to wholesale deals.  And even better, there is a third party FREE Amazon Price Alert software, where you can set a lower […]


sleep training

love comes from years of breathing skin to skin tangled in each other’s dreams until each night weaves another thread in the same web of blood and sleep…” Mary Mackey I feel her little toes and fingers, so relaxed as she sleeps beside me.  And I think to myself, “These moments won’t last forever, they will […]

baby love

 …such a gift to experience a human being in this way, nothing between us but the purity of the moment’s experience. ” R Bertolli I cannot believe how much love I am experiencing with my child.  Our baby is so beautiful now at 6 months, and I find myself realizing what a precious gift this […]

cupid baby

Look what you did. You made me fall in love with you and now it’s all over!” R Bertolli Ever since giving birth, I’ve had the most incredible realizations.  They hit me at night in bed, or in the most unexpected moments watching my baby daugther smile and laugh.  Last night I shuttered momentarily, because the […]

At the end of our day, we tend to unwind with a few hours of TV for better or worse. Right now, we’re really enjoying The Big Bang Theory, but I’ve been struggling to find decent children’s films.  Watching these movies–even movies from when I was a child–I’m surprised at how much violence I see.  These are supposed […]

 …it may be more than just the separation from your beautiful babe that needs rethinking. Are you happy at your job? Today is my first official day back to the office.  What an amazing 3 months of maternity leave this has been.  I envy the women in Canada and Europe who have more time after […]