Mommy Tips

Our grocery store has a great new fresh salad bar close to the entrance.  It enticed me enough to pick up a container and start building a salad.  As I was layering a bed of lettuce, I thought “Wait a second.  Look at all these vegetables here!  They’re all cut up, fresh, and half of them are on […]

I came across an amazing article today online about how to save even more money with Amazon–I had NO idea they had an outlet store, did you?  And also an entire area dedicated to wholesale deals.  And even better, there is a third party FREE Amazon Price Alert software, where you can set a lower […]

We were wrapped up in frenzy of house-hunting this summer only to discover that the market in our town went crazy.  Inventories so low, we’d literally be walking up to a house while it went under contract.  So the fam has been relegated again to searching for a nice apartment until next year brings us […]

It’s taken me about 3 months to really get good at timing night feedings for the baby.  The little one drinks about 3 six ounce bottles during the night (3 ounces at a time).  Living in Colorado, it gets pretty dry and sometimes it’s very clear that she just needs the moisture.  The first month I was […]


Pregnancy and labor was hard enough without having to worry about breastfeeding.  But unfortunately, for many of us, breastfeeding poses a considerable learning curve and places incredible stress on the first several months postpartum.  No one tells you that breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally.  It takes a considerable amount of knowledge to learn, and the support […]