Weight loss

As my girlfriend and I gear up to lose weight for the summer, exercise is only one piece of what we need to do for the hot weather.  Watching our food intake is the other essential piece of successfully losing the extra pounds of fat on our body.  The hard part about eating is resisting […]

Definitely the best, longest-lasting gum I’ve had ever!  Had no idea Mentos gum even made a gum product. I’m using the wintergreen flavor and it’s really working to curb mouth hunger in the mornings and keep losing my last 12 pounds of baby weight!  Gum is so great because you are chewing something and activating your salivary […]

losing baby weight

One thing I am constantly reminded of is the physical impossibility of losing weight fast. For the first time in over a year, I feel like I’m returning to my old self.  I gained a total 55 pounds during my pregnancy–eating right and exercising almost daily.  Despite my midwife’s consolation that “it’s just how your […]

water therapy

 …the health of an organism is wholly tempered by the mechanism of the stomach. “ Post-pregnancy I find it more difficult than I realized to lose the extra weight. BUT last night, I remembered that several years ago I did a “natural water detox” that I should do again. My girlfriend and I were given […]