…such a gift to experience a human being in this way, nothing between us but the purity of the moment’s experience. ” R Bertolli

I cannot believe how much love I am experiencing with my child.  Our baby is so beautiful now at 6 months, and I find myself realizing what a precious gift this time is with her.  In all my life, I have never had someone love me as much as she loves me.  And this only grows as each day passes.  She smiles at me, laughs at my silliness, reaches out for me to hold her, rests her head against my chest to sleep when the sun goes down.  When she takes her bottle at night, she caresses my hair and my hands with her sweet, jerkey baby movements, reaching out for me to be close to her.  She rests her little feet on my belly at night to be “in touch” with me.

It is just so beautiful, such a gift to experience a human being in this way, nothing between us but the purity of the moment’s experience.  No thoughts, no memories, no beliefs getting in the way of our time together.  Just feeling each other.  Warmth, love, connection, the most basic parts of ourselves experiencing each other.  These are the best moments of my life.

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