We were wrapped up in frenzy of house-hunting this summer only to discover that the market in our town went crazy.  Inventories so low, we’d literally be walking up to a house while it went under contract.  So the fam has been relegated again to searching for a nice apartment until next year brings us some new opportunities.

When my husband and I were living together pre-child, we almost never saw our apartment.  Dancing almost every night of the week and out on the town meant we were really only sleeping there and getting ready for work.  But with the little one, we are spending a great deal of time at home together, and so we know there are certain things we need.  A house rental would be ideal, but in today’s world, the apartment with all the new updates and amenities is a better bet for the same price of an outdated home.  The home will have to wait until we can find one to make our own.

I thought I would share our “checklist” of what we’ll be looking for with the new place.  Of course, if you have unlimited amounts of money, you probably don’t need a checklist!  But at our average price point, and with having a baby, there are just too many places to choose from without making sure you ask all the right questions.  The list below might be a good starting point if you have a small one.  Some of these questions, like making sure the unit is quiet, might be forgotten if you don’t remember to ask for your baby!

 Child Friendly Apartment Checklist
  • Total Sq Ft?
  • Rent plus av utilities?
  • Cost of garage?
  • Cost of extra storage?
  • Extra parking for more vehicles?
  • How big is porch/yard area of unit?
  • Gated?
  • Adjacent to open space?
  • How fare from work?
  • Nice pool?
  • Washer/Dryer hook up in unit?
  • Bathroom spacious and clean (no mold)?
  • Unit quiet?
  • Broom Closet?
  • Additional Coat Closet?
  • At least two closest for clothes?
  • Included storage area?
  • Any other special features?
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